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The Python Packaging Hell: the Roots of Evil (2 / 7)

Managing Python packaging can sometimes be a nightmare. Because of the stupidity of Python maintainers? What if it was more complicated?

The Python Packaging Hell: The Can of Worms (1 / 7)

Managing Python packaging can sometimes be a nightmare. You don’t know what we’re talking about? Let’s present you a couple of things and we’ll talk again after that…

WeasyPrint Survey 2021

Our first survey about WeasyPrint’s users needs is over! Now is the time to discover the answers that will influence the future of the library.

WeasyPrint 53: What’s New

The second (and probably last) beta version of WeasyPrint 53 is now out. What’s new in the next version? Here is a technical changelog.

WeasyPrint Without Cairo: Beta Time

After many months of hard work, we have never been so close to a WeasyPrint release without Cairo and now it is the moment for you to try a beta 🎉!

New Feature: leader()

A new feature, leader(), has been added in WeasyPrint 🎉.

New Feature: line-clamp

A new feature, line-clamp, has been added in WeasyPrint.

Open Collective: Donation Goals

You may have noticed some sponsoring and donation links pointing to an Open Collective page. What is Open Collective? Why become a sponsor or make a donation?

WeasyPrint Without Cairo, What’s Different?

The next major version of WeasyPrint will work without Cairo. What does it change for you?

WeasyPrint: from Cairo to pydyf

We speak a lot about the pydyf branch, but concretely, when will it be the master one?

On the Road

You may have noticed some releases last week. It’s time to share with you what is coming next!

Have You Met CourtBouillon?

Hello. We are CourtBouillon, and we love to develop and take care of open source projects. Let’s introduce us!