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WeasyPrint is a smart solution helping people to create PDF documents. You can generate gorgeous statistical reports, invoices, tickets, and anything you want as long as you have some webdesign skills!


Rendering vector images is rendering abstract lines, shapes and gradients. That’s not an easy job! Hopefully, CairoSVG knows how to transform SVG files into common image or document formats: PNG, PDF, PS, and even SVG!


All the web developers know the CSS format, but do they really know all the subtleties of its syntax? tinycss2 provides a CSS parser that is able to extract everything you want from stylesheets.


Did you ever wonder where to break words when they’re a bit too long at the end of the line? Depending on the language, hyphenation principles can be phonetic, etymological, or morphological. Quite complicated… Hopefully, Pyphen is there to follow the rules that (almost) nobody wants to learn.


PDF is a very powerful format providing a lot of features. Even if graphical libraries often offer a PDF export function, they often miss all the interesting possibilities that could be included in the format. pydyf gives low-level functions to create the PDF of your dreams.


Generating documents in websites and web applications is a really common need: invoices, customized reports, tickets… Use WeasyPrint directly from your Flask applications, and create both web pages and PDF documents using the same templates.


cssselect2 knows how to find specific tags in HTML and XML using CSS3 selectors. Very useful if you want to apply custom properties to some markup nodes without fighting against complicated XPath requests.


Ever wanted to use Cairo, the famous 2D graphics library, from your Python applications? cairocffi is the library you want: it is a CFFI-based set of Python bindings and object-oriented API for Cairo.