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Did you ever wonder where to break words when they’re a bit too long at the end of the line? Depending on the language, hyphenation principles can be phonetic, etymological, or morphological. Quite complicated… Hopefully, Pyphen is there to follow the rules that (almost) nobody wants to learn.

Dictionaries Included

By default, Pyphen includes the dictionaries distributed by LibreOffice. You don’t have to look for dictionaries elsewhere, and deal with complicated extra installations. But if you don’t like our dictionaries, don’t worry: Pyphen gives you the possibility to use your own.

Nonstandard Patterns

Because hyphenation is definitely not that easy, because English words are not enough to express the world’s diversity, Pyphen handles nonstandard hyphenation patterns used in many languages.

Faster and Faster

When Pyphen is loaded, everything is done to be as fast as possible. We’ll take care of remembering the dictionaries and words you’ve already used, no need to spend the time twice!

100% Pure Python

Don’t spend your time dealing with extra dependencies and versions mismatches… Pyphen is a very small library, written pure Python. That’s why it’s easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain.