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PDF is a very powerful format providing a lot of features. Even if graphical libraries often offer a PDF export function, they often miss all the interesting possibilities that could be included in the format. pydyf gives low-level functions to create the PDF of your dreams.

Master your PDF Creation

Bookmarks, attachments, links, color spaces, text features… Creating PDF files with advanced features and a high level of customization requires low-level functions. pydyf aims at providing full access to the generated PDF stream.

Based on a Strong Standard

The PDF format is defined by an ISO standard. Used as a reference to generate and share non-editable documents, widely implemented on all platforms, PDF documents are used by computer users all around the world.

100% Pure Python

Don’t spend your time dealing with extra dependencies and versions mismatches… pydyf is a very small library, written pure Python. That’s why it’s easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain.