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Rendering vector images is rendering abstract lines, shapes, texts and gradients. That’s not an easy job! Hopefully, CairoSVG knows how to transform SVG files into common image or document formats: PNG, PDF, PS, and even SVG!

The Power of Vector Images

Vector images are perfect to represent images thanks to primitive shapes. They use a comprehensive, easily editable and incredibly lightweight format. They also offer a perfect quality at all zoom levels, no extra work needed!

Based on Universal Standards

SVG is a very widely used format, with a large software support in browsers and image viewers. Developed by the W3C (just like HTML and CSS), it provides a large list of features that are extensively described and documented.

Convert into your Favourite Formats

Because SVG is sometimes not enough, CairoSVG converts files to raster (PNG) and vector formats (PDF, PostScript) thanks to command-line executables. Low-level API is provided to to draw your graphics on any Cairo surface.