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WeasyPrint v60 Has Been Released

Version 60 of WeasyPrint has been released. It comes with a lot of bug fixes 🐛, from an unprecedented number of amazing contributors!

A Lot of Bug Fixes, and Useful New Features

WeasyPrint v60 comes with a lot of bug fixes, and some new features that you may find useful.


Many layout problems have been fixed in this new version, improving our respect of standards and our interoperability with other rendering engines.

We have for example improved column balancing with spanning elements, respected table cells’ minimum sizes, avoided page breaks caused by hidden elements, fixed leaders with margins, or improved inheritance for named pages.

Text and Fonts

Drawing text correctly is complex and requires to take care of a lot of details. In this version, WeasyPrint improves some of them:

  • correctly draw glyphs with vertical offsets,
  • apply text transformation on first letter pseudo elements,
  • only draw required glyphs of multi-character SVG fonts,
  • support <wbr> tags to add manual line-breaking opportunities,
  • adjust text length in SVG using textLength and lengthAdjust attributes.

And More!

  • A new --timeout command line option has been added to define the maximum amount of time you want to give to your HTTP requests.
  • Background images are now drawn on PDF’s bleed area.
  • Form fields are now displayed when printed on real paper!

Amazing Contributors

WeasyPrint is an open source library since its first commit, and we’re very proud of its hundred contributors so far 💜. But we know that working on a HTML/CSS rendering engine may be intimidating for newcomers.

In order to get more coders onboard, we tried during this release period to give more advice in issues on GitHub. Many tickets have been marked as "good first issue" and hints have been added to guide users. Contributing is not always easy, but it may be easier than what you think!

As a result, 10 people have contributed code to WeasyPrint v60.0, and that’s our record so far for a single version 🥳! Thanks a lot to all the contributors, many bugs have been addressed thanks to your hard work!

What’s Coming Next?

What’s coming next is rather a question for you 😝. If you want some new features, some bug fixes, don’t hesitate to contact us to share your needs. You can also become a sponsor on OpenCollective, it’s really helping us to secure time to work on WeasyPrint and its dependencies.

Have fun with this new WeasyPrint version, we hope that all of these improvements will be useful for you!