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Have You Met CourtBouillon?

Hello. We are CourtBouillon, and we love to develop and take care of open source projects. Let’s introduce us!

Who Are We?

Some years ago, an IT engineer joined a small French company named Kozea and created with talented people some open source software. Among these projects, there was WeasyPrint, you may have heard about it.

Some years later, an other IT engineer joined this same small French company (which has grown in the meantime), learned about the open source world and started to contribute.

That was certainly quite some nice time. But… Both of them decided to quit.

What sad news for the projects! Who is going to take care of them now?

Luckily for them, the two engineers, in collaboration with Kozea, decided to continue working together and caring on this software.

So, that is what CourtBouillon is about: two people who don’t want to stop developing quality open source projects. You may know us as Guillaume, aka liZe, and Lucie, aka grewn0uille.

Which Projects Are We Talking About?

A bit above, we spoke about WeasyPrint. But what about the other ones which were maintained by Kozea?

You may know and use different projects that are linked with Kozea. But now, some of them are totally maintained by us, CourtBouillon.

These projects are: WeasyPrint, CairoSVG, tinycss2, cssselect2, Pyphen and cairocffi.

And of course, we are planning on creating others 😉.

What Is Coming Next?

Now that you know who is behind CourtBouillon, you may be interested in what is planned for the different projects.

So… First at all… RELEASES 🎉!

We know it’s been long time and we plan on doing releases for:

  • WeasyPrint,
  • CairoSVG,
  • tinycss2,
  • cssselect2,
  • Pyphen,
  • and cairocffi.

For this big release day, we aim for October 29, 2020.

After all these releases, we will publish a roadmap for the projects. Perhaps some hints have been left on some tickets, like over here or over there 🤫.

How to find us?

You want to stay tuned on what is coming? Great!

You can follow us on Twitter where we will tweet mainly about releases and bug fixes.

You can add our RSS feed to your favourite RSS reader and never miss an article.

You can join our Gitter rooms and discuss with us and with the community. (Be nice, come and say hi 😄.)

You want more things and quickly? You can also join us on OpenCollective and become a sponsor 😉.