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WeasyPrint: from Cairo to pydyf

We speak a lot about the pydyf branch, but concretely, when will it be the master one?

What Are We Waiting for Before Using Pydyf on Master?

We said that we would get rid of Cairo for WeasyPrint and use pydyf instead. And we will.

Actually the pydyf branch is working quite well and the tests that don’t succeed are mainly those about SVG. At the time this article is written, only 5 tests fail (over more than 1450).

But to use pydyf on master, we have to look at what’s happening on the pydyf side.

What Is Happening on the pydyf Side?

Our main goal before we use pydyf on the master branch of WeasyPrint is… to release pydyf (what a surprise).

For that, we want to have some documentation, tests (we are serious people) and a nice packaging.

Last week, we published the documentation, you can have a look if didn’t already 😉.

We are currently working on the test part. You can follow the progress on the pydyf repository.

When Will pydyf Be Released and Used on WeasyPrint?

We are trying to release pydyf this week-end or next week 📆.

After this release, a last version of WeasyPrint with Cairo will be released and the current master branch will be archived.

We will soon publish another article to present the differences, and list what is missing to make a release with pydyf at this moment.

And… the pydyf branch will then be the master one 🎉!