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One Year of CourtBouillon

Do you know what is the day today? We’re October 12, which means that it’s CourtBouillon’s one-year anniversary 🎂! So it’s time to rewind and see what happened during this year.

CourtBouillon’s Birth

Last year, on the same day as today, we announced the creation of CourtBouillon.

Announcement tweet
Announcement tweet

For the record, or if you’re discovering us with this article, CourtBouillon is composed of Guillaume, aka liZe, and Lucie, aka grewn0uille. We maintain and develop the following open source software:

  • WeasyPrint,
  • tinycss2,
  • cssselect2,
  • pydyf,
  • Pyphen,
  • CairoSVG,
  • cairocffi,
  • Flask-WeasyPrint.

If you want to know more about the story behind the creation of CourtBouillon, you can read our first article on this website, and if you want to know more about the different projects, the projects page is all yours ☺️.

Software Progress

So, what did happen on the different projects during the past year? Were there some releases? Some bug fixes? Some new features? Or nothing at all? Let’s have a look 🧐!

Closed Issues

301 issues were closed, of which 243 were on WeasyPrint.

Merged Pull Requests

37 pull requests have been merged, of which 15 were on WeasyPrint.


26 releases have been made, of which 12 for WeasyPrint.

Thanks to all the people who opened issues and submitted pull requests 💜.


During the year, WeasyPrint had a big change: we stopped using Cairo to generate PDF, and replaced it by our own PDF generator: pydyf. Now, WeasyPrint requires one less non-Python dependency, which means that the installation is a bit easier and that bugs caused by Cairo are now in the past.

WeasyPrint also got new interesting features like:

  • basic inline SVG support,
  • full fonts inclusion,
  • leaders support,
  • line-clamp support,
  • embedded images size optimization,
  • and more…

It has been a pretty big year for the different projects, especially for WeasyPrint 🎉!

Sponsoring Campaign and Sponsors

All this work wouldn’t have been possible without the people who have participated and still participate to our OpenCollective campaign.

In one year, the OpenCollective campaign yielded 5 307€, allowing us to secure half a day per week exclusively working for CourtBouillon!

That’s not our only source of income.

Indeed, companies sponsored the development of some features. Thanks to them, we have been able to dedicate more time on the software and brought new cool features to everyone 🤩.

We’re very proud and pleased to have people and companies sponsoring us, and happy with our first year as CourtBouillon 💜.

For the moment, we can’t work full-time yet on improving the different projects, but we count on you to support us to reach this goal!

And For the Next Year?

We hope that you’re as happy as we are about the progress this year, and that our work is useful for you 😊.

For the next year, we’re going to continue improving the different projects, focusing on the most wanted features. If you’re curious, you can have an idea of what is coming for the next releases of WeasyPrint on this GitHub page (please note that the content of the milestones isn’t fixed and might change).

Moreover, we would like to create some content to talk about Python, open source, CSS and other topics. You can for example discover the new serie of articles about packaging.

So… That’s it for this one year rewind of CourtBouillon!

To all of our sponsors, users and contributors: thank you 💜.