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From 2023 to 2024

For CourtBouillon’s three-year anniversary, we conducted a short survey to find out what matters to you, our users. Let’s discover the results! ✨

First of all, thanks a lot to all the people who took part in this survey 💜. It really helps us to know more about the needs around CourtBouillon and our projects.

Which Projects Are Used and for What?

All of the respondants use WeasyPrint! And some also directly use CairoSVG, tinycss2 and Pyphen.

We wanted to know more about your usage of the different projects, so… we asked.

Unsurprisingly, everyone generates PDF using WeasyPrint and many use it in automated processes.

The types of documents generated are often reports, invoices and manuals. But the sectors of application are very varied! There are food services, pentesting, science, transport, dental laboratories… We’re very happy and amused to see WeasyPrint being used in such a wide variety of applications and domains 😄.

Most Enjoyed New Features from 2023

The most enjoyed new feature of 2023 is PDF’s size reduction. This was a fun thing to add to WeasyPrint and we’re glad to see that a lot of people enjoyed it as well 😁.
Various performance improvements, including smaller PDFs, have been added in WeasyPrint v59.

Some people also mentioned that the right-to-left support has been slightly improved during the year.

Most Wanted for 2024

Most Wanted features

Grid support and Flex improvements have been in a rude battle during this survey. Grid finally wins 🥇.

Adding Grid support and improving Flex support is hard work and probably needs some financial sponsorship.

A lot of work is in progress to support var() in shorthand properties. Once this work is done, it will be easier to add support for calc().

Most Wanted Content

We regularly published articles to introduce new major versions, features or explain some cool CSS properties.

The most appreciated content seems to be the one that makes you learn something 🤓!

We’ll continue to write articles about releases, features and CSS, and maybe other topics 🤫.

Sponsoring and Donations

While ~14% of our income comes from sponsorship and donations, most of the respondents didn’t know they could be a sponsor on OpenCollective.

Sponsorship and donations are important to help us maintain all the projects, fix bugs, add features, answer GitHub issues, communicate…

Thanks a lot to all of our current (and future) sponsors and donors 💖!

Never Miss News

We communicate on many different platforms. The most followed are the GitHub repositories, but we don’t necessarily publish everything there.

To make sure you never miss a thing, you can follow us on Twitter, Mastodon or LinkedIn, where we post all of our news!

A big thank you to all our users, sponsors and customers for this wonderful year 💜🧡💚!

We’ll, of course, continue to work hard on WeasyPrint and our other projects next year to bring new cool features to life.

Have fun with CourtBouillon’s projects, and happy end of year!