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CourtBouillon conceives high-quality apps and tools to help you give life to elegant documents, wonderful images, lovely texts, and more.

the awesome document factory
convert your vector images
a tiny CSS parser
a low-level PDF creator
hy-phen-ation made easy
and many more…
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With donations and sponsorship, you help the projects to be better. Donations allow the CourtBouillon team to have more time dedicated to add new features, fix bugs, and improve documentation.

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What Is It Like Working With Us?

Professional, kind and exceedingly talented, CourtBouillon have been a pleasure to work with from day one. They implemented the design of a complex PDF template for us and made it look easy, with every pixel laid out to perfection. We're also grateful for the massive and generous contribution they make to the open source community, and rely heavily on their amazing PDF library – WeasyPrint. We couldn’t recommend CourtBouillon highly enough and look forward to collaborating on many more projects in the future.
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